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Terms and Conditions of Requesting a Unit

The request on the www.bnronline.com web site (collectively, "the Web site") for the storage space (collectively, "the Request") is the courtesy of the B&R Mini Storage provided for its existing and potential customers over the Internet. Due to the fact that unit availability is not directly indicated on our Web site, the storage space furnished in the Request may not be immediately available upon submission of the Request. The Request submitted through the Web site solely represents your intention to rent specified storage space and/or a request for the manager to hold this storage space until the staff of the B&R Mini Storage attempts to contact you to confirm the Request, and should not be deemed as complete. The manager or the staff of the B&R Mini Storage can cancel or deny the Request without any prior notice to the person indicated in the Request form. In no circumstances should you consider storage space as rented and/or secured based on the Request filed through the Web site, nor rely on any information obtained from the Request. The actual on-site unit that might be offered to you at the time of rent at the office of the B&R Mini Storage could be different than the one indicated in the Request.

The monetary amount quoted in the Request obtained through the Web site is a computer-estimated value, and could not be considered as an actual monthly rent for the storage space requested. The first month's amount of rent will include security deposit, and billing and processing fee; it may also include charges for any additional purchases that you may resolve upon at the time of rent at the office of the B&R Mini Storage.

Any provisions, agreements and other information supplied through the Web site will be superseded and could be partially voided by the rental agreement signed up on paper at the time of rent at the office of the B&R Mini Storage. By using the Request provided through the Web site you agree that you will not hold B&R Mini Storage liable for any delays, inaccuracies, errors or omissions therefrom or in the transmission or delivery of all or any part thereof, or for inability to fulfill the Request provisions, or for any damage arising from the foregoing.


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