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Units - 8x10 Temperature Controlled

Unit sketch. Size may not be proportional. Actual unit dimensions may vary.
Sketch 1

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Pic 1

Enclosed steel structure with concrete floor, maintained at a temperature of about 65 degrees, accessible through a hallway inside a temperature controlled building.

Good to store:


1 bedroom home.


Good for small business to keep records in.

Unit Width: 8'
Unit Depth: 10'
Unit Height: 12'
Door Type: Hinged
Door Width: 4'
Door Height: 7'
Door Alarm: Yes/No
Access: Inside bldg
Light Inside: No

Monthly Rent: $120.00*

The actual picture of this unit is presented in Pic 1. For more unit pictures click here.

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* $30 nonrefundable setup fee will apply to all rentals, except mailboxes. The fee includes a disc padlock. Mailbox rental setup fee is $15. Valid Washington state ID is required to open a mailbox.
 All prices quoted on this page are subject to change.
 All rates are monthly. Sizes of units are given in feet and are approximate.
 Sketches presented on this page may not be proportional to actual unit size.

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